Bansky & Street art

Born in 1975, is a popular artist of Bristol UK.
Hidin' its real identity to da general press, Banksy uses its street urban art to promote different visions than great mass media. In August of 2005 Banksy has made murals on da Wall of Cisjordanian constructed by Israel in da occupied territories of Cisjordania (concretely in Bethlehem, Ramala & Abu Dis), combinin' several techniques.
Aside from his work in da street, Banksy is known to hang without authorization some of his works in museums. By the way, he has exposed his work in da Gallery Tate Modern of London; the MOMA, Metropolitan & da Museum of Brooklin in New York, in addition to other attacks against museums of London.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no seria padre que se hiciera algo similar en torreon?.
nos hace falta plasmar arte en paredes con historia y sin relevancia
muy buena investigacion
ciao bella

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Aldo said...

maldito mickey muere jaja
buen material señorita

6:14 PM  

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