Viktor & Rolf with H&M

Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf have been named as fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz's designer collaborators 4 da autumn season. Da duo 'll create a limited edition womens- & menswear collection 4 da chain, followin' da successful collections produced by Karl Lagerfeld & Stella McCartney in da previous 2 years.
The 1-time collection 'll be available at selected H&M stores across Europe, North America & the Middle East.
Viktor & Rolf started their career in 1993 when they won da Hyères Fashion Festival. Through exhibitions, installations, haute couture shows, & since 2000, women's ready-to-wear, they have been seen as 1 of fashion's most innovative labels.
Their first signature store, which is entirely upside down, has won a # of design awards & was opened in Milan last year. A year earlier, they also launched a fragrance with L'Oréal.

"If Haute couture is da most sublime form of fashion, H&M is fashion at its most democratic," Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren said in a statement. "Our roots R based in couture. It's the heart & soul of our work. But we also love to play with opposites: transformation is a key element of our signature style. 4 us, fashion is an antidote to reality."
H&M's head of design Margareta van den Bosch commented: "We really admire Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren & R fascinated by their unique way of workin' with design, combinin' their artistic talent with great craftsmanship."


Anonymous gary creighton said...

Beautiful example, nothing better than Viktor &R
I have a question for u: Viktor and u, broke up?, or u still with him? I remember him and the name....... well, u know.
We must to keep in touch and talk about Viktor, he was so cutie in the pictures.
Take care and lucky!!!!
If you come to USA again plz call me!!!!

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Blogger Bimba said...

Fui, compre y triunfe!!!

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