By Adele

Pretty femme & glammy


Blogger ♥ fashion chalet said...

Haha cute.

Thanks for the comment by the way. SO SWEET of you!! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

1:00 AM  
Blogger Winnie said...

I want.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous blue hearts said...

Such cool umbrallas. I needed those today.

Thank you for the comment.

Keep Blogging!

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Montano said...

niña mac estan de poca! no deben faltar aqui

6:53 AM  
Blogger coco said...

So cute. I love that shade of green.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Cate said...

Those are umbrellas? :) They make me smile.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Equipo Dash and Cash said...

Wow! Quiero una de cada color para combinar con mis outfits...

6:46 PM  
Anonymous karen vega said...

la primera verde es mi favorita, le kedan a un vestido ke tengo

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

parecen para niña pero estan cool

10:52 PM  
Blogger MR style said...

fun fun fun :: lovin it

11:47 PM  
Blogger She's Dressing Up said...

These are adorable... And very well dressed!

1:26 AM  
Blogger ellie said...

So adorable. Its coming up a thunderstorm here right now.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Danz said...

I remember seeing these on Fred Flare - they're adorable. The 1st and last ones are my faves!
I'm not sure if you were interested in entering the contest but the comment you left doesn't qualify as a valid entry. If you still want a chance to win the gift certificate, just follow the two steps on how to enter and then I can include your entry. Remember, the contest ends October 1st!
Take care and have a lovely day tomorrow :)

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

que bonitos

6:28 AM  
Blogger autumn said...

cute and fun "collections". i like the white one. ^^

12:43 PM  
Blogger Savvy Mode SG said...

where can i find one? i want the one in teal.

7:23 PM  
Blogger lola said...

¡Que graciosas! me recuerdan cuando niña y me aburría en el colegio, tomaba el lápiz y un pañuelo y me dedicaba a vestir a la modelo (el lápiz)

7:56 PM  
Anonymous vianney said...

me equivoque de mensaje en la otra entrada, me referia a estas las mamo
que padre blog tienes diana

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Boy fashionista said...

yeah! time to be geek!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really incredible. one of the best umbreallas I have ever seen )

2:05 PM  
Blogger Shaz said...

that would be so cute to own and carry around in the rain

4:37 AM  

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